South-East Asia IPR Basics Series: Protecting Trade Secrets in Thailand

CaptureIn today’s fast paced and information reliant world of business, trade secrets can make or break a company’s chances for success.

Now everybody knows that the best way to keep a secret is… well to keep it secret. But if you absolutely have to tell somebody, this article should give you some pointers on how to protect your business against information leakage in Thailand.

At the Helpdesk we always advise that SMEs seek professional legal advice when dealing with complex issues, and this is never more important than when drafting contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements etc. However, if you need some help finding appropriate legal help, or just need some pointers as to what you should be looking for, get in touch with our experts today!

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Basics of manufacturing non-disclosure agreements in China

MP900438585Benjamin Franklin once quipped that, “Three [men] can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Fortunately for SMEs, more sophisticated methods for protecting trade secrets are now available; however, the importance of closely guarding valuable information remains.

SMEs seeking manufacturers in China can use non-disclosure agreements to meet those secrecy protection needs. In this article, the Helpdesk’s Samuel Sabasteanski talks about some fundamental considerations when preparing such agreements and signing them with Chinese manufacturers. As always, for more information, send us an email or drop us a line and hear back from our experts within three days.

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Interview with our own IP Insider, Simon Cheetham: IP in China from an EU SME perspective


simon_cheethamIntroducing Simon

Simon Cheetham is the Team Leader of the China IPR SME Helpdesk. He is a China IPR Enforcement expert with over 30 years’ experience in commercial investigations, due diligence and IPR enforcement in China and internationally. He has lived and worked in China and South-East Asia for over 17 years.

He is also the Managing Director of ERINYES INTERNATIONAL LTD, a firm he founded to capitalize on his extensive experience of international investigations, loss prevention and enforcement work. He manages and directs the operations of the Company from Europe to the Far East. Simon began his career with the Hong Kong Police, where he was responsible for the detection and prosecution of a wide variety of crimes, including fraud and homicide.

We spoke to Simon about the conferences he has attended on our behalf recently, and the issues EU SMEs are most concerned about right now.

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SME in the spotlight: Wuvio


The Dutch SME Wuvio is a market leader in producing chemicals to combat dust for construction sites, energy producers, mining and dry bulk companies. Wuvio works with unique solutions, using innovative mixtures of chemicals, or chemical compounds, developed in-house. The company had been active in Europe for 11 years when they decided it was time to make the move to China. As unique solutions for industrial processes combined with innovative chemical compounds require a structured approach to IPR, we spoke with Rob te Braake, Wuvio representative in China to share his experiences and give some practical tips for any business looking to protect this kind of intellectual property portfolio.

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