IP Protection Strategies in China for Start-ups

growthIn today’s blog post we are taking a closer look at how start-ups, planning to set up their activities in China or have their products produced in China,  could best protect their IP rights. You will learn more about the importance of patent protection and trade mark protection and why these types of IP are essential for the start-ups.

For small start-ups the prospect of where to even start with an IP strategy can oftentimes be a daunting task as other concerns like building a good team, structuring the company, attracting investment and developing the product tend to take up all the time and attention of the business owners. At the same time, a robust IP Strategy is crucial for business’ success when planning to enter the lucrative market of China. Besides helping the start-ups to protect their innovations from competitors, IP assets can also be a significant pull-factor when attracting investors.

Protect your inventions with patents

Patent protection in extremely important for start-ups as patents protect innovations, limit competition and help to defend against claims of infringement by other companies producing similar products. Furthermore, patents can attract investors, which is fundamental for start-ups. Thus it is important to apply for patent protection in China when planning to enter its market. Continue reading “IP Protection Strategies in China for Start-ups” »