South-East Asia IPR Basics Series: Semiconductor Designs in Malaysia

ji2_092Semiconductor topographies, or integrated circuit layout-designs (as they are known in Malaysia), are configurations of computer chips and other semiconductors which determine how they function. Layout-designs are specifically excluded from the list of articles which can be registered as industrial designs and are afforded their own category of protection, which is governed by the Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act (2000).

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Espresso IP 5: Semiconductor topographies in the Philippines

espressoIP-01Automation and robotics are going to change the future. But robots are nothing without the chips and processors that breathe life into them–and into any number of appliances, phones, and even automobiles. The design of these chips is governed by semiconductor topographies (also known as integrated circuit layout-designs, a form of industrial design) in the Philippines.

In this podcast, hosts Alexander Bayntun-Lees and Samuel Sabasteanski discuss the intellectual property laws governing semiconductor topographies in the Philippines, including applications, examinations, and protection. As always, for more information on protecting your IP, send our South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk experts a message.

Espresso IP 005 – Semiconductor topographies in the Philippines (Length – 4:23)

South-East Asia IPR Basics Series: Automotive industry IP in the Philippines

MP900405400The Philippines is home to manufacturing for a number of components of varying sizes for European automobiles. These parts form both the guts of the car–the plugs and wires that let it run–and the brains of the car–the chips and sensors that let it optimise its performance and incorporate smart tech.

In this article, we will address IP concerns for SMEs involved in the manufacture of these components for use in their own items or for sale to automakers, with a specific focus on smart car technology.

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Industry Special: Chinese IPRs for GNSS Technologies

shutterstock_245934913Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are essential for the operation of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Location Based Services (LBS) which we take for granted every day.

We use these systems every day, whether we’re looking for the nearest Starbucks on our smartphone, tracking package deliveries online, or using our GPS to get to the family Christmas gathering on time.

This article gives an outline of the IPRs relevant to all forms of GNSS tech, from chipsets to application software, which are essential to any company looking to exploit China’s ever expanding GNSS market.

If you have any further questions however, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Helpdesk experts, for free, tailored advice to suit your needs.

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