Indonesia Joins the Madrid Protocol

shutterstock_56485213More good news for the European SMEs wishing to register their trade mark in South-East Asian countries, as in addition to Thailand, Indonesia has also joined the Madrid Protocol. Today’s blog post explaining Indonesia’a accession to Madrid Protocol has been kindly drafted for us by our South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk external expert Ms. Wongrat Ratanaprayul from Tilleke & Gibbins. 

On October 2, 2017, Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights submitted its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol, making Indonesia the 100th member state under the treaty. As a result, brand owners will be able to seek protection under the Madrid Protocol from January 2, 2018, onwards.

Once the Madrid System comes into force in Indonesia, the owner of an existing International Trademark Registration (IR) will be able to expand the scope of their protection by filing a subsequent designation to its existing IR, in order to seek additional protection in Indonesia. In addition, trademark owners will be able to file an IR in any other member country designating Indonesia, and trademark owners in Indonesia will similarly be able to file an International Trademark Application to seek protection of their trademark in any other member countries.

Indonesia has opted for an 18-month deadline, within which the registrar is obliged to issue a notification of refusal of international registrations. However, in the case where an opposition is raised by a third party, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property may notify the World Intellectual Property Organization of a notification of refusal after the expiry of the 18-month time limit.   Continue reading “Indonesia Joins the Madrid Protocol” »

Things to Consider before Filing a Trademark Application under the Madrid Protocol in Thailand

FotorCreated222Following an exciting webinar on the Madrid International Trade Mark System last week, our IPR SME Helpdesk  Expert Mr. Franck  Fougere  from Ananda  Intellectual Property has kindly drafted for us a blog post on the pros and cons of filing a trade mark application under the Madrid Protocol in Thailand.

The Madrid Protocol is a system that facilitates trademark applications in multiple countries. Thailand is expected to join the Madrid Protocol before the end of 2016. There are, however, issues that the prudent business owner should consider before filing a trademark application via the Madrid Protocol. These issues are of particular importance  for Thai businesses that plan to file applications in Thailand. Continue reading “Things to Consider before Filing a Trademark Application under the Madrid Protocol in Thailand” »

The Madrid Protocol, trade marks and Indonesia – The road ahead….


MP900382898ASEAN IPR SME Helpdesk expert, Cita Citrawinda, takes a look at trade mark law and implementation reform in Indonesia as it heads towards ratification of the Madrid Protocol. This post considers the challenges Indonesia still faces, and the pros and cons this presents for foreign SMEs doing, or looking to do business in Indonesia.

Continue reading “The Madrid Protocol, trade marks and Indonesia – The road ahead….” »