IP Considerations for ICT Industry in South-East Asia


The ICT sector is considered to play a pivotal role in supporting regional integration and connectivity efforts between the countries in South-East Asia. The latest ASEAN ICT Industry Masterplan 2016-2020 aims to propel ASEAN towards a digitally-enabled economy that is secure, sustainable, and transformative and to enable an innovative, inclusive and integrated ASEAN Community[1]. The ICT industry is one of the sectors presenting major business growth opportunities for EU SMEs in South-East Asia.


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South-East Asia IPR Basics Series: Trade Secrets in Vietnam

ConfidentialContinuing our Vietnam IPR month, today’s post covers the protection of trade secrets in Vietnam.

Remember, trade secrets are only protected as long as they remain outside of the public domain, so the best way to protect them is to limit the availability of the information, and who has access.

If you have any questions about protecting your company’s trade secrets in Vietnam, or indeed anywhere in Southeast Asia,  It’s no secret that our expert’s tailored advice is provided completely free of charge. So get in touch today, and our experts can point you in the right direction.

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Industry Spotlight: IPR in the ICT Industry

shutterstock_182269964China’s IPR (intellectual property rights) protection system is expanding and improving, but it remains separate and distinct from the European system. Accordingly, to be successful in China your business must take preventative measures to protect your intellectual property rights; one must obtain valid IPR rights in China as a minimum first step. In other words, the protection of IPR rights should be a key part of your business strategy, whether entering or expanding operations in China.

While some IPR issues are common to all types of European companies doing business in China, others are specific to the ICT industry. The China IPR SME Helpdesk outlines appropriate patent and trade secret strategies, the type of patents particularly relevant to ICT companies and suitable IPR enforcement measures. Enforcement of IPR is discussed through a case study of an IT company that has taken enforcement actions in China.

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