No Squatting: Online IPR Protection in China

shutterstock_167099189China possesses a population of over 1.3 billion people;[1] of these, there were 632 million internet users in China by the end of 2014 – this is approximately half the population of China and three times the number of internet users in South-East Asia.[2]

The share of internet users in China now equals 46.03% according to the state-administered China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). [3] Trends also suggest that internet use in China is set to experience further growth in coming years.

E-commerce is well developed in China today, and is predicted to account for around 10% of total retail purchases by the end of 2015, in contrast with 6 to 8% in Europe.[4] Furthermore, a study undertaken by KPMG predicts that as wealth, internet penetration, brand awareness and loyalty spread, online retail in China is also set to expand.[5]

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