Trade Marks vs Enterprise Names in China: What’s the Difference?


shutterstock_152628707Should I only register my trade mark in China or should I also register my enterprise name? What’s the difference? In today’s blog post we will take a closer look at the difference between SMEs’ enterprise names and their trade marks and give advice on how to adequately protect both in China. 

What do trade marks and enterprise names look like? 

Both trade marks and enterprise names are commercial marks. They function as signs, through which businesses and their products can be identified by their consumers.

Trade marks are used specifically to distinguish commercial products from other products on the market. They come in many varieties, including words, images, colour combinations and sounds.

Take the familiar case of an iPhone. Everything from its name to its message tone is trademarked. This prevents other companies from copying the brand, so that consumers can easily identify genuine iPhone products from other products in the sector. Continue reading “Trade Marks vs Enterprise Names in China: What’s the Difference?” »