Prevention not cure: online IPR in South-East Asia


shutterstock_167099189South-East Asia possesses a population of around 600 million people; of these, there were 203 million internet users in South-East Asia at the end of 2014.[1] While the share of internet users varies by country (Myanmar’s internet penetration equates around 1.2%, whereas in Singapore it is around 80%)[2], there is no doubt that internet use in South-East Asia is set to experience significant growth in coming years. Continue reading “Prevention not cure: online IPR in South-East Asia” »

Shut the door on slamming


Slamming SmallWe are getting reports of more and more foreign companies across Asia receiving correspondence which claims that their business’ name is about to be registered as a domain name by someone else, typically along the lines of:

Dear [insert name of Director/Senior Representative – or if less sophisticated – Sir/Madam]

This is Bobby Zhang, Senior Consultant at the domain name registration centre in xxx. We formally received an application from Random Company Inc. to register “Your Company Name” as a network brand with the following domain names: Continue reading “Shut the door on slamming” »