South-East Asia IPR Basics Series: Industrial Designs in Vietnam

Having looked at Vietnamese patent law earlier this week, we thought we’d round off the week with a look at how industrial designs are protected in Vietnam.

Industrial designs are important to any manufacturer who relies on the physical appearance of their products to attract customers and entice potential buyers to choose their offering over the competition.

As such, features protectable as industrial designs can be used both purely as a form of aesthetic enticement, as well as a way of identifying your products, helping them stand out amongst a myriad of similar goods.

As always, if you have any questions, just ask!


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Engineering Success: China IPR in the Mechanical Engineering Sector


China’s economic success has been built on a foundation of manufacturing on a massive scale. In 2013 Chinese machine industries netted global revenues in excess of EUR 678 billion, with growth of around 20% on the previous year[1].

This success, resulting in a reputation as ‘the world’s factory’ has made China’s demand for machinery, tools and related technologies insatiable, making it a fantastic potential marketplace for Europe’s high quality products and innovative technologies.

Unfortunately, rampant transgressions upon foreign IP by Chinese infringers in the past has left a black mark on China’s history, leaving potential importers and manufacturers wary of doing business in the country. It has been estimated that German mechanical engineering companies alone suffer a combined loss of approximately EUR 7.9 billion due to product and brand counterfeiting[2].Mech Eng 1

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