Get Your Game On in China


serious game screen shot

The EU SME Centre considers the growing gaming market in China and the possibilities for EU companies looking for a way to get in on the action. How to make your services appeal to Chinese users, while abiding by the evolving government guidelines and preventing others from hijacking your product and designs….


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The creative industry in China: Less copyright, more “copy, right?”


Ubi GalleryAfter working as a cultural counselor at the Dutch Embassy for five years, Machtelt Schelling decided to make her dream come true and start her own gallery. She founded Ubi Gallery in Beijing in November, 2012. Machtelt says:

“I always had a personal interest in applied arts. When I moved to China I searched for forms of contemporary Chinese design, but could hardly find anything. I visited art academies and asked what their students do after graduating. I found out that it is very difficult for young Chinese designers to start a business. This is partly because they often lack the capital required to start a company and the Chinese educational system does not teach them how to use their talent commercially. Another important reason is that graduates are reluctant to promote their products, as they assume their designs would be copied if they showed them.” Continue reading “The creative industry in China: Less copyright, more “copy, right?”” »