Blog to monitor your market

20130604 Comments Image VSmallOur blog has been running for a little over six months now and there were of course a few ‘firsts’ in that time – the first post, the first share, the first subscriber, the first external contributor and then of course: the first comment. Fortunately the first comment we received was positive and thoughtful – it made us feel good. Since then the volume of comments has increased and while most do provide opinions or feedback on the post in question, there is a small subset that have a very different agenda….

Advertising. And more specifically, advertising FAKE goods and products. Given that our blog is one dedicated to helping people keep their business safe through registering their products as intellectual property, it was – to put it mildly – surprising that anyone would try and use us as a vehicle to promote counterfeit goods.

It did however get us thinking… Why were we getting comments that only tried to sell counterfeit goods, not the real deal? Given that we often write about subjects including the words “Fakes” and “Counterfeits”, are automated spamming tools sending comments promoting links which match the theme? This leads to an intriguing possibility: Could a business use blogging as an additional way to monitor the online market for fake versions of their own products? An occasional blog about your own goods might reveal counterfeits and flag some sources.

Has anyone tried this? Also, are you real?

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