Be IProtected: Cecile’s story – Part 1

Cecile manages a small European enterprise designing state of the art, environmentally friendly and beautifully designed public sanitation solutions. This month, we had a chance to discuss the company’s future plans and IP protection strategy with her.

Cecile first heard about the China IPR SME Helpdesk and its services when she attended one of our events during the 2014 Mission for Growth in Chengdu, China. She was interested to hear how to protect her company’s brand and designs in the Chinese market at this initial stage of her company’s internationalisation.

At that time she was not ready for the registration as her trade mark and design were not yet finalised, but she began researching the process, setting-up cooperation with her Chinese colleague who will manage the registration processes as well as familiarising herself with the relevant costs and procedures detailed in the Helpdesk resources, such as related guides or webinar. She understands that comprehensive IP registration a cost-effective measure, and although tackling the procedural element, bridging the language barrier, and estimating her company’s chances of approval might prove challenging, she is committed to complete these protective steps in order safeguard her company’s IP.

We will continue Cecile’s story in the coming months and will ask her about her experience as well as the impact on her company throughout the process, culminating in a final exposé, revealing of Cecile’s company’s identity and product lines, together with summaries on the challenges in enacting a comprehensive IP protection strategy and how Cecile and her colleagues overcame them.

In the meantime, browse our blog or website and get prepared to protect your IP in China.

If you have your own IP story to tell, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via with the subject line “case study”.

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