Indonesia: registration for .id domain names NOW Open!

The latest on Indonesian Internet domain names courtesy of our expert Mariana Maia of Thomsen Trampedach!

On Monday 20th January the operator of the Indonesian top-level domain .ID, Perkumpulan Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia (PANDI), opened registration for second-level domains under the .id domain (such as  Second-level domain names are seen as more attractive because they are shorter and easier to type (compared to, for instance), thus brands operating in Indonesia will be keen to register for increased visibility and protection of their biz online.

The launch is being divided into three phases:

1) During the opening ‘sunrise’ period owners of registered trademarks may register a domain name with their trademark (e.g. company name).

2) This will be followed by a ‘grandfather’ period during which those who have registered in the first phase under a sub-domain (such as have the opportunity to register a corresponding second-level .id domain.

3) The final ‘landrush’ period will allow for those who wish to register a domain name but do not own a corresponding trademark to do so. Following this final phase it should be possible to register on a first-come-first-served basis.

These steps follow on from what is now best practice for introducing domains to a national market; Singapore followed similar phases when it added second level .sg domains in 2005, with a first phase for those with registered intellectual property before a live public phase. Allowing only enterprises with trademarks registered in Indonesia to register a corresponding domain name largely avoids the problem of ‘cyber-squatting’, whereby an entity will register a domain name in bad faith, with the intention of selling it back to the corresponding IP holder at a higher price.

So don’t miss out!

This post was written in collaboration with Mariana Maia of Thomson Trampedach, an online brand consultancy firm based in Denmark, Switzerland, and China.

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