Indonesia: New Notice Allows for Revival of Lapsed Patents

patent-without backgroundGood news for the European SMEs whose patents in Indonesia have lapsed because of non-payment, it is now possible to revive these patents. Today’s blog post explaining the decision of Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property about the revival of lapsed patents has  been kindly drafted for us by our South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk external expert Ms. Wongrat Ratanaprayul from Tilleke & Gibbins. 

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property issued a notice on December 28, 2017, addressing the revival of null and void patents. The notice allows patent holders, licensees, and intellectual property consultants to revive patents that have lapsed due to non-payment of annuities.

It is now possible to revive a lapsed patent by completing payment of annuity fees that were not paid on time according to the law. In order to do so, the patent holder must submit a declaration stating that they will not take any legal action against another party for infringement of the revived patent during the lapsed period.

There is no explanation as to whether third parties must immediately cease practicing a previously lapsed patent once it has been revived, or whether the patent owner would have the ability to take legal action against such a third party for ongoing infringement once the patent has been revived.

This notice leaves serious concerns about what happens to third parties who have started lawfully using a patent after it has lapsed. Since no further detail on this notice is available, the business implications for such third parties could be tremendous.

For holders of lapsed patents, however, the ability to recover such rights is a significant opportunity. Patent owners should therefore review their patent portfolios in Indonesia and assess whether to take advantage of this new opportunity to revive lapsed patents.

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Author’s Short Bio

Wongrat Ratanaprayul serves as director of Tilleke & Gibbins’ Indonesia operations. After working as an attorney-at-law in the firm’s Bangkok office for a number of years, Wongrat is now based in Jakarta, where she focuses on all aspects of patent and design prosecution in Indonesia, as well as in multiple jurisdictions throughout Southeast Asia. Her work covers a range of technical fields including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, and computer-related technology.

Wongrat regularly interviews inventors to derive information pertinent to drafting patent applications in life sciences, and for consumer products. She provides opinions on infringement analysis and freedom-to-operate analysis. She also routinely conducts patent and design searches and provides clients with patent strategies. Her background allows her to provide effective, tailored services to a diverse range of clients.

Wongrat supervises the preparation of trademark applications, registrations, and renewals. She also oversees the firm’s regulatory affairs practice in Indonesia, serving clients in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and related industries with respect to product registration and compliance.

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