Happy World Intellectual Property Day


World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April, also known as World IP Day, though unfortunately not recognised as a national holiday (yet), there are still a number of events and activities happening worldwide to mark the occasion.


The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) plays a key role in organising World IP Day and 26th April was chosen as World IP Day as it was the date on which the Convention establishing WIPO entered into force in 1970. WIPO’s member states initiated World IP Day in 2000 to raise public awareness about the role of IP in everyday life, and to celebrate the contribution made by innovators and creators who have helped shape the world today.

IP system’s not only foster arts, entertainments and music, but also all products, technological innovations and even sounds and noises. The IP systems of all WIPO member countries are continually developing, last month alone, Cambodia’s Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts (MIH) granted its first-ever patent, and even this month there are reports from the commissioner at Shanghai’s Intellectual Property Office that China is considering raising its low limits on damages for IP violations and strengthening litigation on trade secret theft.

To learn more about IP and how it affects you, you can access the WIPO website to learn more about events in your area.

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