Let the Games Begin… It’s official: the Serious Game has been launched!

Winners of the Serious Game Launch Competition

The China IPR SME Helpdesk launched the Serious Game on Thursday, 22 May at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. There were games to be played, prizes to be won and networks to be made. The name of the game was simple. Each person attending played in a team of four and each team had one hour to earn as much profit as possible – the team that earned the most amount of money would win a prize (hello, chocolates and legal vouchers!).

There were a total of 36 participants from a mix of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and intermediaries, such as the EU SME Centre and European Chamber, as well as individuals from SMEs such as Bluestar AMG, English Trackers and Kick Ads. The participants were split into nine teams, with team names including ‘the IP dragons’, ‘Jay Z and the interns’, etc. Everybody was ready for the challenge ahead.  You could hear whispers of “what’s our strategy?”, “how can we get rich quick?”…

When time was up, the winning team made 27 million euros in the space of one hour! Thankfully no team went bankrupt (everyone was very careful to follow the IP rules…). Lessons learnt? Register your IP! Of course, there is always an element of luck in the game that is life, so the decisions you make are at your own risk!

For us at the China IPR SME Helpdesk, the launch of the Serious Game was an opportunity to showcase an interactive way of learning more about IPR before you make the big move to China. Even though it’s a “serious” game and offers extremely valuable business advice, it is incredibly fun – think of it as ‘the Sims’ but with a real life advantage.

The game incorporates specific knowledge of the various stages of IP registration, partnership building and what to do when infringement happens.  And perhaps more importantly, it’s a tool that will hopefully demonstrate the potential benefits of knowing before you go.

Go and check it out for yourself, the Serious Game is now live on our website here.

Starting the 26th of May 2014, we are also running an online competition. Start a business, find partners, protect your IP and make profits. Enter the competition and win a free hour of legal consultations with an IP specialist law firm.  Play now, you only have two weeks left to join the competition!

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