Get Your Game On in China


serious game screen shot

The EU SME Centre considers the growing gaming market in China and the possibilities for EU companies looking for a way to get in on the action. How to make your services appeal to Chinese users, while abiding by the evolving government guidelines and preventing others from hijacking your product and designs….


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Due Diligence in China – Back to Basics


Due Diligence PicWe welcome old time collaborators and office neighbours the EU SME Centre, as one of our new blog contributors! Here’s their first blog post on due diligence in China:

European companies, both large and small, tend to be familiar with exercising due diligence, i.e. the checks performed to assess a potential business partner’s trust- and creditworthiness. With more than 24 million small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) active in the 28 Member States,  dealing with each other on a daily basis, and over one quarter of those SMEs active internationally (importing, exporting, or both), one might assume that European SMEs are well prepared to venture into the Chinese market., However, this is commonly not the case; doing business in China for the first time is likely to be different to any other experiences a European company has had for a number of reasons.

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