Drawing up an IP strategy for creative industries in China: an update


shutterstock_86331535China’s rapidly expanding consumer market creates both opportunities and challenges for European businesses in creative industries. Ideas and designs are the lifeblood of creative businesses and infringement can be particularly costly and damaging. Because creative ideas and designs that are not adequately protected can often fall victim to infringement by potential Chinese clients or Chinese competitors, European businesses are sometimes reluctant to enter the China market and build relationships with Chinese partners. However, by effectively using the Chinese IP system and taking a few key steps, you can protect your company’s IP and foster successful partnerships in China. Continue reading “Drawing up an IP strategy for creative industries in China: an update” »

Exclusive tips from our IP Expert: top five problems for EU SMEs in China


RvMReinout van Malenstein is our China IPR Business Advisor, based at the European Chamber in Beijing. He speaks English, Chinese, Dutch and German. Reinout has been living and practicing IP law in China for several years, prior to which he worked for a ‘Magic Circle’ law firm in the Netherlands. Reinout speaks to EU SMEs about their IPR concerns on a daily basis.

We asked Reinout: what are the top five problems EU SMEs experience in China?

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What should I know about IPR in Indonesia?


Indonesia-Flag-Full-HD-Desktop-WallpaperIndonesia’s growth in recent years has been impressive. While it has experienced a slight slow-down, it remains the largest economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).[1] The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the 8th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) and its Gross National Income (GNP) per capita has risen by around EUR 537 over the last 8 years.[2]

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Prevention not cure: online IPR in South-East Asia


shutterstock_167099189South-East Asia possesses a population of around 600 million people; of these, there were 203 million internet users in South-East Asia at the end of 2014.[1] While the share of internet users varies by country (Myanmar’s internet penetration equates around 1.2%, whereas in Singapore it is around 80%)[2], there is no doubt that internet use in South-East Asia is set to experience significant growth in coming years. Continue reading “Prevention not cure: online IPR in South-East Asia” »

Champagne or sparkling wine? Geographical Indications in China


GI imageWhat is a Geographical Indication (GI)?

“Champagne”, “Bordeaux”, “Parma ham”, “Parmesan”. Each of these products, associated with certain regions, are renowned and trusted for their nature, quality and authenticity. As a consumer, you are probably more familiar with “Scotch”, “Cognac” and “Bavarian beer” than unnamed brands claiming to use the same ingredients. A GI is therefore a labelling that identifies a good as originating in a specific territory, region or locality, where characteristics of the good are associated with its place of origin.[1] Continue reading “Champagne or sparkling wine? Geographical Indications in China” »