Philippines off the US IP watch list


shutterstock_89259433After nearly 20 years on the United States’ watch list of countries with intellectual property (IP) concerns, the Philippines was removed from the list last year and have managed to keep off it for the second consecutive year. Continue reading “Philippines off the US IP watch list” »

Alibaba Revises Taobao IPR Enforcement System


Carrying on with the theme from the China IPR SME Helpdesk’s last blog post on e-commerce brand protection, Alibaba Group have made revisions to Taobao’s enforcement policies which took effect last month.

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E-commerce Law in the works

creative picture3The internet has become a popular and easy channel for product distribution around the world. It has created a marketplace of more than half a billion users in China, more than a third of the world’s total online population, and is still expanding. Apart from being a forum for legitimate vendors and original products, the internet is also used by businesses as a platform for the distribution of counterfeit goods which infringe intellectual property rights (IPR).

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