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From China IPR “IPR Model Cases: Part of the Long Journey Towards IPR Case Law With ‘Chinese Characteristics’?”



In late October China’s highest court, the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), released a list of eight model cases (dianxing anli典型案例).   The list is a collection of important cases that suggest the direction of the focus and scope of the court and also signals new trends in its decision making process. The cases listed have wide-ranging implications on protecting trade secrets, unfair competition, trade marks, patents and infringement of the manufacturing process.   China IPR has great synopses of the cases and provides some spot-on analysis here.

Enforcing Your Rights in China


copyright_lockThe intellectual property rights (IPR) available in China are very similar to those available in Europe. Assuming you have registered your IP and found it being infringed then you will want to enforce it.  How might you find out your products have been infringed? Your customers might tell you about competing products, you might find infringements for sale on the internet, you might see infringing products at a trade fair etc… Continue reading “Enforcing Your Rights in China” »