SME Biz talk: Keeping the KERCHING to yourself!


IMG_1254What were the words on everyone’s lips when attending the business matchmaking event of the European Commission’s ‘Mission for Green Growth’ event on 19 July …Well all we were listening for was IP, IP, and IP.

You see whilst European SMEs were batting their eyelids and getting coquettish with new business contacts in the Chinese market, the IPR Helpdesk was ready on hand to offer expert first line advice to these SMEs on how they can prepare and protect themselves before delving head-first into their new ‘relationships’. Continue reading “SME Biz talk: Keeping the KERCHING to yourself!” »

Road trip down the Patent Prosecution Highway


Hilly RoadThe Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) may not be the road most travelled, but by taking a test-drive on it, our very own Helpdesk “Stig” reveals the secret speed of Patent Prosecution that is starting to become more and more popular world-wide.

The PPH scheme, through the sharing of information between patent offices, makes eligible an application whose claims have already been determined to be patentable in a first country, to then undergo an accelerated examination in a second. This is extremely relevant as it can drastically reduce the time taken to gain patent determinability in said second country and so is pertinent to all those SMEs impatient to take advantage of favourable overseas environments, but who also recognise the importance of protecting their IPR. Continue reading “Road trip down the Patent Prosecution Highway” »