Proactive Customs in Vietnam


200There’s some very welcome news for European businesses in Vietnam: Customs have announced that they are ramping up their inspection efforts to tackle counterfeit goods in the country. How does this affect you? If you have any intellectual property recorded in Vietnam, Customs are asking for your recordal information so they can better identify genuine and fake products. This can help stop knock-offs of your goods from both entering Vietnam and leaving the country for other markets such as those in Europe. Continue reading “Proactive Customs in Vietnam” »

China’s Revised Patent Examination Guidelines (Draft): implications for business


Insights into the “patent quality” landscape in China are increasingly important for understanding wider issues ranging from the types of risks businesses face when operating in China to the direction of the innovation-economy in the country. By way of one insight, this article discusses a recent initiative from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) to improve patent quality in China and its implications for businesses.

Ongoing concerns

Utility model patents and design patents in China are cheaper and easier to obtain than invention patents because of lower patentability thresholds and because they do not undergo a rigorous mandatory examination. As a result, low quality utility model and design patents run a higher risk of being granted than low quality invention patents. Continue reading “China’s Revised Patent Examination Guidelines (Draft): implications for business” »