From China Law Blog: ‘China Distribution Agreements: Exclusivity Is NOT Required’


With an increasingly affluent population the Chinese domestic market is expanding rapidly in many sectors; the financial rewards available mean more and more European businesses are distributing goods in China and if you’re considering joining them, China Law Blog points out at least one potential pitfall which you should be aware of: Distribution Agreements are NOT required to be exclusive. No such law exists in China. During negotiations, some Chinese companies may claim that you need to sign an exclusive distribution agreement because “this is how it is done in China” but this is not true – be wary of such statements. Read China Law Blog’s full post on this topic, here.

IPR: A territorial animal


Since working on the China IPR SME Helpdesk I have organised and attended scores of events on various intellectual property (IP) topics. Following presentations from legal experts we always allow some time for a question and answer session. The most common question asked by European businesses is a variation of the following question:

“If I have a (insert trade mark or patent) registered in (insert EU country). Is it valid in China?” Continue reading “IPR: A territorial animal” »

Company logo – why register it in China?


[This guest post has been kindly contributed by European small business and China IPR SME Helpdesk user, English Trackers]

In this world of instant gratification, it takes two years to get your registration certificate. That’s pretty long.

As a comparison, it only took me three months to get my Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) licence (back in 2008). Continue reading “Company logo – why register it in China?” »