Here Comes the Helpdesk (Christmas carol). ‘tis the season.


The festive season is truly upon us. While watching some reality T.V. last night I came across a programme featuring groups of people singing Christmas carols enthusiastically, if not entirely harmoniously…. Occasionally it was difficult to tell if the original was being sung or not. This inspired (to stretch this word to its limits) me to write a Helpdesk Christmas carol, apologies in advance for shameless self-promotion and questionable rhyming!

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Top 5 lessons to learn from Apple vs Proview


Through our Helpdesk Twitter feed we regularly, almost constantly, receive tweets concerning Apple’s involvement in intellectual property rights disputes. This is not big news, almost everyone has heard about Apple and Proview’s legal saga and the millions it eventually cost Apple. What is less well-documented however, are the lessons to be learnt from the situation. It is our wish that Apple learnt the hard way so smaller businesses don’t have to! Continue reading “Top 5 lessons to learn from Apple vs Proview” »

From China Law Blog: Do you know what your China contract says?


This post comes from the excellent China Law Blog and highlights a simple but important point: do you actually know what your China contract says? Yes you have a version in your language and one in Chinese but have you checked they say the same thing? It may sound like an obvious detail to check but the author, Dan Harris, observes, “Taking advantage of what looks like a dual language contract is a very old trick, and one I have seen at least a dozen times, and not just with China/Chinese”. Continue reading “From China Law Blog: Do you know what your China contract says?” »

SIPO’s good intentions


The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has issued invitation for comments on the next revision of the Chinese Patent Law. Why is this important for your business? Well hopefully, because it means it will soon become easier to protect your patents and therefore your innovations in China.

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