6 tools to help your business succeed in China


If you run a European company and you want to expand your business into China or are already there, protecting your company’s intellectual property (IP) is essential. This task can be a difficult one, but access to the right tools can significantly ease the process. For a start, we at the China IPR SME Helpdesk produce new, free guides, E-Learning Modules (ELMs) and live webinars on a regular basis to assist you in managing your IP in China – we do the research so you don’t have to. This post gives you an overview of our six most recent releases and what they can help your business with: Continue reading “6 tools to help your business succeed in China” »

Letting copycats get away with it? Think again


Many a time, a European company is faced with Chinese companies that infringe its intellectual property rights in China. High costs of litigation, the complexity of navigating a different legal system, and China not being their core market are commonly cited as reasons for foreign companies not ensuring their rights are enforced. In most cases the ‘copycats’ are then left to continue their infringing activities, despite the foreign company knowing about it. This sets a dangerous precedent; especially considering the difficulty of the above ‘obstacles’ is sometimes over-estimated. Continue reading “Letting copycats get away with it? Think again” »

Intellectual Property in China: Start with the DOs and DON’Ts


How do you protect your business in China? Now, that’s a huge question and one that is not going to be answered in one blog post! But what can at least be identified, are a few fundamentals that can set you, the business owners/managers, on your way.

Firstly, make no mistake, intellectual property (IP) is essential to your business in China. Continue reading “Intellectual Property in China: Start with the DOs and DON’Ts” »