SMfreE: The SME Conference 2012


Image titleThe vast range of support tools available to European SMEs looking to break into the Chinese domestic market are showcased today at the SME Conference in Beijing (25 October). Central to these are the free resources offered by two of the conference’s organising entities- the China IPR SME Helpdesk and the EU SME Centre, both co-funded by the European Commission. Continue reading “SMfreE: The SME Conference 2012” »

Welcome to the China IP Insider!


Welcome to the China IP Insider! To begin with: Who is this blog for?  And, why should it interest you?

To answer the first, our posts will seek to support anyone who has a business in China or wishes to start one there, particularly European Union Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). If you have an interest in business in China, have insights into how a business can best operate there or need practical observations from those that do, this blog is for you. Continue reading “Welcome to the China IP Insider!” »