The Philippines gets IP-ready for the ASEAN Economic Community



A few months ago we looked at how the members of ASEAN would be adapting their IP systems in the run-up to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) of 2015. We questioned whether it would be business as usual or whether this meant we would see real change in the region allowing for a more fluid and internally-accessible market. We have slowly started noticing a shift, most notably with the Philippines Continue reading “The Philippines gets IP-ready for the ASEAN Economic Community” »


Types of Patent in China

China IPR SME Helpdesk

PatentAlthough rudimentary to some, we are asked about the different types of patent there are in China so often at the Helpdesk that it’s worthy of explanation again here.

So here is a concise rundown of the three types of patent available in China…


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‘Fair use’ and the new Copyright Law in Indonesia

Andrew Conduit

shutterstock_107811341A guest post from Andrew Conduit, solicitor at SKC, discusses Indonesia’s new Copyright Law. A development that follows international standards and moves legislation closer to the reality of how copyrighted material is actually used.

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SME in the Spotlight: Vogmask

China IPR SME Helpdesk



For many foreign SMEs that produce consumer goods e-commerce is the best way in to the Chinese market, offering a B2C channel that is relatively cheap and easy to setup and maintain. Naturally, trading on the web comes with risks, but just a few key steps are necessary to ensure a basic safe strategy. In this ‘SME in the Spotlight’ post an anti-pollution mask producer shares their experiences of doing business in China….

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